"Courier Mailadmin" is a web-interfce for the Courier mailserver. It was something I cooked together when I friend of mine needed a mail-server for his customers. His company was small, and he needed something that was easy to use and maintain. After some research, I ended up recommending the Courier Mailserver under Debain GNU/Linux with a custom-written web-interface.

How it works

The Courier Mailserver is a mature mailserver based on maildirs. That is, each single email is stored as a seperate file on the servers file-system. This have some advantages in regards of backup, restore and maintainance of the mailboxes. Since the server use pipes, and are pretty configurable, it's easy to add neat features from third-party aplications. The server supports authentication from MySQL.

My custom-written software, Courier Mailadmin, add a web-interface to the MySQL tables wuth users and passwords. It organizes the mailboxes in "organizations". Each organization can have some default settings in regard of spam-management, but this can be overridden on each account. I also wrote a little command-line program in C/C++ that is used both by the php-webinterface, and by cron/system-administrators. It's used to execute privileged commands, like reloading the mailserver after the aliases-table has been updated, or new hosts have been added. It's also responsible for parts of the operations required to kill spam.


Courier Mailadmin is free,  lisenced under the GPL license. See for details. It is distributed as source-codel.


  • The original user-manual can be read on-line here.


There are several options available for support (you have already used a search-engine to find a solution for your problem, right?)

  • Sourceforge. There are forums and trackers that you may use to ask for support.
  • Commercial support. I'm running a company who will provide you with commercial support.
    • Single support-case: A single priority support-case costs 70€. Contact me on email to open a support-case.


You can contribute to the project if you want.

  • Spread the word. Free software is not advertized on TV. An applications success depends on it's users spreading the word. If you like the program, tell people about it. Write a blog-entry about it. Link to it. Suggest it whenever someone needs an application like this.
  • Report problems and Suggest features. This is the most valuable contribution anyone can provide. Good products are not created by brilliant developers - byt rather by ordinary people who gets over their frustration with the product and suggest improvements, rather than just throwing it away.
  • Fix bugs. There will always be bugs in software. If you find one, and give me the receipt to kill it, you provide a very important contribution.
  • Find bugs. If you find a bug, but cannot fix it, you contribute to the project by providing me with an exact receipt on how to reproduce the problem.


Current release: version 0.02 [2009-09-20]