WarCMS - or War Content Managamenent System, is a new, exiting CMS-package from Jgaa's Internet. The pre-beta version has been used by free and commercial websites for several years. I am however in the process of creating the first public beta.

www.jgaa.com, products.jgaa.com and most other websites from jgaa's Internet use WarCMS.

Technical specifications

  • An Apache/PHP/MySQL CMS with a true separation of the business-tier by the use of warcmsd, a high-performance, caching server written in C++.
  • Scripting API provided by the use of the Internet Communications Engine (ICE).
    • C++
    • Python
    • C#
    • Visual Basic
    • Java (including support for the Android-platform)
  • Platform-independent command-line client (written in Python) to monitor the server, add new sites, add users etc.
  • Ability to configure Apache, and create a skeleton virtual site on the servers file-system when a new site is added trough the scripting-interface, or by the command-line clinet.
  • Security is managed partially by Apache, partially from PHP, and partially by warcmsd.
  • Supported platforms: Debian GNU/Linux. Compiling under other Linux-variants is possible.


  • Designed to be used as a corporate web-site, or a "newspaper"-like website or web-portal.
  • Multilingual
  • Articles can have new revisions, while the old version is preserved.
  • The whole system is written with security in mind. In fact, the main motivation for writing WarCMS was the many vulnerabilities found in traditional CMS-systems.
  • User-management with group-based access to content and privileges.
  • Session-management with reporting
  • Sub-sites. A main-site can have sub-sites attached to it, so that a product-name or a user-name in stead of www can point directly to a site within the main site.
  • Easy to extend by writing plugins in PHP. (With availability to the full scripting-interface).
  • RSS
  • Cross-publishing within a site (an article can be listed under several menus/sections).
  • HTML 4.1 or xhtml output.


A public beta is due for release this summer. If you want to preview the system, contact jgaa@jgaa.com.