Passgen is a simple program that generates passwords. If I recall correctly it was originally written back in 1998, as an MFC application under Windows. It has been freely available from ftp.jgaa.com for a decade. Version 3 is a total re-write. Linux is now my primary operating system, and the motivation for version 3 was to make passgen available under Linux as well as Windows. This is achieved by using the wxWidgets X-platform library (see www.wxwidgets.org).

The target-audience for passgen is pretty much everyone that use a computer. It is well suited for anything from novise home users to senior IT professionals.

The main difference between my passgen and other (newer) packages of the same name under Linux, is that (my) passgen has a graphical user interface (GUI). That is convenient under Gnome, KDE and also under good old Microsoft Windows.


  • Generate simple ("mn85wmu") passwords
  • Generate hard ("RcWgMoi+") passwords
  • Generate unbreakable ("hNEAsG5aJbd*zYyrb#8mFqKQBX2t4oVwo4noHUsRLJmkcG7g") passwords
  • Generate UUID (or GUID)  ("dfc49fa2-5a1f-4572-b162-decf2b681c18") strings
  • Option to copy the generated password to the clipboard
  • Option to hide the generated password from bywatchers
  • Option to save the current preferences ion exit


  • Microsoft Windows (Standard .msi installer file for the Microsoft Installer)
  • Linux (Source-code only at the moment. The current version is built with Debian GNU/LInux "Lenny" (Testing). Passgen links to the boost libraries, uuid-dev and wxwidgets.


Passgen is free,  lisenced under the GPL (version 3) license. See www.fsf.org/licensing/licenses/gpl.html for details. The source code is available for download.



You can contribute to the project if you want.

  • Spread the word. Free software is not advertized on TV. An applications success depends on it's users spreading the word. If you like the program, tell people about it. Write a blog-entry about it. Link to it. Suggest it whenever someone needs an application like this.
  • Report problems and Suggest features. This is the most valuable contribution anyone can provide. Good products are not created by brilliant developers - byt rather by ordinary people who gets over their frustration with the product and suggest improvements, rather than just throwing it away.
  • Fix bugs. There will always be bugs in software. If you find one, and give me the receipt to kill it, you provide a very important contribution.
  • Find bugs. If you find a bug, but cannot fix it, you contribute to the project by providing me with an exact receipt on how to reproduce the problem.


Current release: version 3.0.0 [2009-01-10]