"Copy Path To Clipboard" is a Shell Extension for Microsoft Windows Explorer that let you copy the full path of any file to the clipboard in a very simple way. I need this option all of the time - when I add paths to Visual Studio, when I import databases to Microsoft SQL Server, and when I run commands from the command-shell.

How it works

Making Shell Extensions is complicated. They are implemented trough a complex COM interface, and they must match the processor architecture for the target machine. An extension compiled for a 32-bit target wil not work on a 64-bit Windows installation. There are many things that can fail with Shell Extensions - and many users suffer from faulty extensions - like when it takes a few seconds from a right-click in Explorer, until the menu pops up - every time!

I have avoided this complexity by implementing the extension as a normal, invisible Windows application. The application is started when you right-click on any file in Explorer, and chose the "Copy path To Clipboard" sub-menu. The application reads the path as a command-line argument, copies it as plain text to the clipboard and exits. This approach is fast, safe, and memory efficient as the program only runs when it is used.

"Copy Path To Clipboard" works on all versions of Microsoft Windows XP or later that can run a 32-bit Windows application. That includes the x64 versions.


CopyPath is free,  lisenced under the GPL license. See www.fsf.org/licensing/licenses/gpl.html for details. The source code is available for download.


There are several options available for support (you have already used a search-engine to find a solution for your problem, right?)

  • Usenet. The alt.comp.jgaa usenet group. This is a group dedicated for the software written by me (jgaa). It's available from all major news servers, and your local news-admin will most likely add it if you ask gentely. Or you can use the free news-server from Jgaa's Internet: news.jgaa.com
  • Commercial support. I'm running a company, "Konsulent Jarle Aase", who will provide you with commercial support.
    • Single support-case: A single priority support-case costs 70€. Contact me on email to open a support-case.


You can contribute to the project if you want.

  • Spread the word. Free software is not advertized on TV. An applications success depends on it's users spreading the word. If you like the program, tell people about it. Write a blog-entry about it. Link to it. Suggest it whenever someone needs an application like this.
  • Report problems and Suggest features. This is the most valuable contribution anyone can provide. Good products are not created by brilliant developers - byt rather by ordinary people who gets over their frustration with the product and suggest improvements, rather than just throwing it away.
  • Fix bugs. There will always be bugs in software. If you find one, and give me the receipt to kill it, you provide a very important contribution.
  • Find bugs. If you find a bug, but cannot fix it, you contribute to the project by providing me with an exact receipt on how to reproduce the problem.


Current release: version 1.00 [2007-05-30]