This is the Free Software currently available and supported by Jgaa's Internet.

I label these programs products, even if they are in fact more like free gifts. See the the license for each product for details.


  • CopyPath - Simple Shell Extension for Windows Explorer
  • DARE - Data replication for Database Experts
  • Dupemgr - Identify and handle file duplicates (Linux)
  • Passgen - Handy password-generator for Windows and Linux
  • War FTP Daemon - The original free FTP server for Windows
  • Whid - Time manamegemt and invoicing

Software Development

  • ADNS - GNU DNS library, ported to Windows
  • MailUTIL - The free email/nntp toolkit and C++ library for Windows
  • WarLib - The useful C++ library
  • War Setup - The free installer for Windows

Linux Admins

Historic products